The first days are key to the n26 product experience. Product education and fostering early discovery and early engagement was a high priority to increase our Monthly Active user base.

Main goal

Our main goal was to drive User retention by enabling users to discover and engage with n26 key feature value within the first 35 days of their experience

Our Metrics

Increasing % of MAU (monthly active users) with more than 10 actions in first 35 days


iOS and Android for the markets (DACH, IT, ES, FR)

How it was...

Existing Onboarding Steps

We had a a first version of an onboarding experience that was live by the time we started the project. Offering key steps to new users like:

  • Welcome Screen
  • Turning on notifications
  • Biometrics
  • Virtual card
  • Add to digital wallet

Problem Areas

  • The flow was available before the user landed for the first time in the app and after completing mandatory verification processes (KYC)
  • Within the existing onboarding users could skip steps or even the flow altogether. Yet once a user dismissed the flow they couldn't access it again at any point.
  • Scalability was a priotity as we couldn't add new steps to the current onboarding without making it too extensive

Approach and challenges

Extensive research showed the benefit of having a single place where new users could access and see the actions and things they could do with their newly n26 account.

By having a single place (OH Landing) we could add things like progress tracking and modify the UI depending on user behaviour and completed steps.

Onboarding Hub - Highlevel Flow Idea

We needed to put the focus on the landing screen for the Onboarding Hub. Some of the challenges we faced were.

  • The actions themselves and their flows were not part of our team scope so extensive alignment needed to be done.
  • Actions needed to have different states, some actions couldn't be processed instantly so we would need to be smart enough to know the state of each action.