Why I write

(this is a reminder)

Ok, so the main reason why I decided to do this is mainly that I'd like to be a better communicator.

Communicating is a tricky thing. Choosing the right words is hard. Committing to an idea is hard. Trying to make yourself be understood is hard. I've discovered that writing helps to organise the brain. It's like cleaning your room. Like putting things in a drawer so when you're looking for them you take less time in finding them because you know already where they are.

Organising the words, sentences, and ideas into places in my brain helps me to find them later when I need them.

Writing is also liberating and therapeutic, like any creative action. I enjoy the process of putting something together that didn't exist before with that unique shape.  Whenever we embrace a creative action, we create a recording, a documentation of ourselves and our stories and we bring it to the world. We add our own voice to the human collective choir.  We bring our own self to the records of human expression.

Even better, internally. Writing is bringing transparency, rawness, and realness to my life. It's so easy to be caught up in ideologies of the mind. Concepts about ourselves and the way we see the world that live only as thoughts in our heads, incomplete thoughts. I used to identify with them and used to follow them blindly, yet they weren't 100% real.

Writing forced me to bring realness to my thoughts. Manifesting an idea in writing makes the idea real. It gives the idea sensory attributes. Like giving it a shape, a shape that other people can see. Like giving it skin, skin that other people can feel.