Value of typing this

I'm trying to be more transparent with the things that i'm creating.

I'd like to believe there is value in putting all these thoughts and writings somewhere for people to see, shipping work that is incomplete, to tell a story, an ongoing story.

Everything that we create is part of something bigger, part of the collective knowledge. Hiding our creations means hiding our story, hiding our process, hiding our very soul. I believe we all have a duty to creatively express our beings in the world in whatever shape or form. I believe we have a duty to bring our own story to the choir, to put together the pieces of our identity manifesting themselves at a specific point of time, and to document that unique interplay in a creative expression.

I'd really like this writings to be inspiring, to bring great value and great insight to whoever is reading.  Yet, I can't really count on it. I shouldn't count on it.  I don't want to put the expectation on the written sentences. I don't want to identify with the outcome, the text, the praise, the social validation.

That's not the point!

The real value of this creative exercise is the process that it needs, the struggle, the doubt, the lack of inspiration, the countless typing.  The amount of hours that i'm sitting in my kitchen making my brain light up with just one goal in mind:   create something that didn't exist before.

This is the hidden element that matters, the sweat & the reps. This is the element that compounds with time and it is ultimately the thing that brings peace of mind.

Just sitting here, in the flow, in my unique flow.

Away from overthinking.

Away from overfeeling.