The Wild

Humans have a need to control and predict things. Through our brief time on this earth, we have evolved to use our brains as tools to control and predict the world. We became the best at this. Controlled environments give us safety, comfort, they allow us to be safe.

To nurture our ability to control things, we had to pay a price. We became more anxious, more impatient, more fearful, especially to the things we can’t yet understand fully.  It is so freaking terrifying to do, feel or go somewhere we won't be fully in control of the outcomes: The wild.

The wild, in any shape or form. It's what brings us back to our internal journey. The wild is there, to push ourselves to our individual limits, to bring the focus back to the process, and not the results. The wild is there to teach us who we are, and what we are meaning to be, do, feel.

The Wild, could be anything you want. It could be a place, a feeling, a thought, an action. Somewhere or something where you are not in control of the outcomes. It's a place of exploration, discovery,  explosion.

The wild is there to teach, to raise our bar, to make us more human.