The Monkey Mind

We've all been there. This constant flow of information in our heads. Questions on one side, sloppy answers on the other, memories, regrets, plans, lists, thoughts about thoughts, thoughts about why are you having that thought. Anxiety, exhaustion.

The monkey mind is wild, unorganized, and sloppy. We identify with it and make it part of our identities. I used to believe my way out of problems was by thinking about them. Whenever I encountered a too big of a problem to tackle, I would go into an endless loop of constant thinking. Trying to find the last key to the puzzle, the missing piece. I felt part of an endless maze. Trying one line of thought, then moving to the other.

I didn't realize I was looking at reality with my head down. I didn't know the maze was just a drawing on the ground and that I could always just walk away from, whenever I wanted to.

It is a tricky thing to do, to disconnect from our monkey mind. Because our identities are a big part of it.

Remember the saying "you are what you think"

This is complete bullshit.

You're not what you think.

You are what you do.

You are what you manifest in the real world.

The mind emerges from the brain and the brain it is just another organ, another part of our body and it is an autocratic one.  Don't let it rule your body, your existence, your time on this earth.

Every moment is an opportunity to walk away from this drawn maze.

To come back to the now.