Human nature I

Humans are biological machines, the most complex and sophisticated system ever created by evolution and nature. We are the byproduct of trillions of tiny changes, compounded through time and space. Complexity is made out of single structures. We share the same basic elements as a stone, but configured in an unimaginable complex way.

What makes us different from other complex beings?

What are the main combination of human natural traits that do not exist somewhere else in this earth?

What makes us so unique?

Our ability to solve problems

We are problem solvers by nature. We inquire the present state of things. We are able to recognise non functioning patters in a present state and then envision a desired, better state of that same pattern. We create then action to change the state into our envisioned state, then we collect feedback from the environment, then inquire again.

By doing this we are able to redefine and change our realities and all the systems, structures, environments where we happen to be in.