Embracing limits

In a world, so diverse, so vast, with a number of infinite choices to choose from, limits play a vital role. Generally, we think the more choices we have, the more opportunities there are to make a better call, to choose something more "complete", more "fitting", more "adequate" to us.

The reality is, too many choices hinder our decision making.

Limits are a natural thing to have.

Our cells have a membrane, that delimits the space a cell takes in our body. It controls what comes in and what comes out of the cell. You might think, well, the membrane is just another part of the cell. But when you think closer about it, the membrane IS the cell. It is the concept that binds all the elements together. The membrane is what gives meaning to the cell.  Without it, there would be no cell, just a couple of elements floating around without purpose.

The boundaries we set for our projects are our membrane. Embracing restrictions in our process forces us to solve problems with creativity, to work with our internal tooling. It helps us to bring our own selves to the process. It gives authenticity to our creations.

People think authenticity comes from our strengths, from what we do best. But more often authenticity comes from the boundaries we embrace, from our intentional limits, from the things we said no to. That's what really gives space to build our strengths, our focus, our unique flow.

Our wisdom to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right ones.