Don't take yourself so seriously

This is a reminder

Will I remember this in 5 years?

Will I remember this in 10 years?

Nobody is really paying lots of attention to what we do

Everybody is very busy with their own storylines, with their own struggles, nobody really cares big deal if you write A, or write B.  Post A or post B.

We ALL gonna be dead in 100 years from now.

If you sing badly, nobody cares, do it anyway.

If you want to put a show on the street, but are afraid people will judge you. Nobody cares, do it anyway.

Knowing lots of things makes you smart, but really nobody cares how smart you think you are.

It's not about knowing things. It's not about having the answers to everything that happens. It is not about having a rational conclusion or connecting the dots

It's about the day we are in. It is ALL about the process and not the outcome. The living, not the conclusions of it.

The moment when we over rationalize things. The moment we put our identities to play, when we build our own stories. Stories that blind us from seeing life with freshness and curiosity.

The process is more important than the result.