Don't change the world, change yourself

One of my dreams as a young adult was the desire to leave a mark on this world. To do something so good that I would be remembered for generations for this amazing contribution I did to the world.

What a naive way to see things.

I had a dream so big, like the ego that created it. I didn't realize that my goal of leaving a mark on the world wasn't related to the world at all. It was all about me. I wanted to give meaning to my actions and time on this earth by looking at how people would remember me after I'm gone.

I was looking for meaning outwards not inwards.

It takes a great amount of courage to go to the world with a big dream of making a difference and trying hard to reach it. But you know what? It takes an act of greater courage to look inwards instead. To make a difference indoors. To fight your inner wars. To leave a mark on yourself, every day.

The good news about this is, that is easier too, because we have full control over it. Nobody can prevent us from doing it.

The bravest revolution is the one that happens walls in.