So, yesterday was a day of distractions. The day in Berlin was weird, a combination between heat, sun and heavy rain. I was hanging out with friends in a park, and it seemed like all of us were in a state of "now what? Where do we go from here? Is something happening?”

I observed in myself a state of resistance to that moment, to that day. As if part of me was seeking something different from the day, something extraordinary, a new feeling, a new finding, a new story to tell, a new skill. Yet the day was, just like that, a day.

I went home, and lay down in bed for a few minutes. Heavy rain was outside of the window. I still had the feeling of resistance present in me.

I was thinking about the reasons for my feelings of resistance while hearing the heavy rain.

yeah, hearing the rain...

Rain, heavy rain.

-it's raining!!!-

I stood up, went to the window, sat down and watched the rain fall.

Rain flowing on the trees, on the cars, saw people running away, trying to hide from it.

-Why do they hide?, it's just rain-

Then I realised I was also hiding, hiding from the rain, from that moment, from the reality of that day.

After that realisation, I took my shoes off, ran downstairs, opened the door, and I let myself be 10 years old again.

I was running, barefoot, in the rain, on the streets of Berlin.

My neighbour watched me within the safety of his window, he smiled.

A random taxi honked warmly at me while I was playing with the puddles.

A motorcyclist waved and smiled at me while I was running.

So many things, happening.

So many things.

I came back home, and the feeling of resistance was completely gone.

Rain brought presence to my day.

or even better,

Presence welcomed rain into my day.