Conversation is music

All conversations are an improvised music jam between people.

A good musician knows that the first most important principle for improvisation is the ability to listen to the music that's being formed in the instant. Perception is the key. The non-verbal communication, the hints, cues, when a melody starts or ends, the invitation to add something in between.

Music is not only guitar solos. With the same principle, good conversation isn't only about one instrument, or one person's story. Nobody enjoys a song that's only about a drum solo. It's about the momentary connection between the instruments, the tone, the unique timbre of each other's voice and stories.

We all jam in different genres, jazz, blues, rock, indie, glam, techno, reggae, classic, you name it.

We all chat about different topic themes.

Not all are able to jam in the same genres.

Not everybody is able to chat about the same things.

Being a good improv musician means knowing how to follow the flows and structures of the genre in turn, or even better, adding another topic, another genre, another perspective to the mix.