The being that lives in thought

You can only see yourself through your own eyes.

There's no one fits all philosophy.

You can only get to know who you are, by observing, not judging.

The idea that arises.

The feeling that emerges.

That's your being manifesting.

The moment when you label it, as good or evil. That is the moment when you build this barrier, this invisible thought barrier between you and your spiritual being.

The moment when you deny or resent the present state of your being, when you seek a different state, a different reaction, a different thought, that's the moment when you build your insecurities, when fear takes over your presence.

There's no psychological concept that can deal with the totality of being.

Anything created by men that tries to understand the concept of being, is just a mere explanation of the brain.

The being is not a concept meant to be rationalised. There's no real being in abstraction. There's no real being in thought.

The being that exists in thought is just another thought.

The being is not meant to be understood, rationalised, the being is meant to be.