Tension brings learning

The situations that we remember the most and where we learned the most, are also the situations that brought us the most amount of tension. Comfort zones are great and all, they bring us peace, feeling of control. They allow us to predict things too. Yet, comfort is no good place for learning. Comfort with time becomes tensionless, and learning can't naturally flourish in this environment.

With that in mind, I wanted to try, since already quite some time, a routine call "idiotic actions". In which I would try to do idiotic things on a regular basis to purposefully bring tension to my life.

Yelling out loud in the tram

Lay down in a restaurant full of people for 20 seconds

Run like Phoebe from friends in the park

I wanted to create a system with the only purpose of making me feel uncomfortable. I know this sounds like nuts.  Who'd want to feel that way? I certainly don't. I'm still struggling with it. But it is precisely because I'm struggling with it that the system becomes key to my process.

Building a system with the purpose of creating that tension, to then be aware of how bad/good the tension is to me.  Seems like a helpful exercise. Maybe I find out, after all, that fear is in our heads.

What is it to lose? We all gonna be dead in 100 years.