Things when they are real and raw, become authentic, sincere. They manifest their present nature as it is, without wanting, without judging, without expectations.

Realness is one of the things that I appreciate the most in my life. I don't believe that true things and growth can be derived from our imagination, our desires, or our expectations. Our brains are wired for fantasy, for the desire for a better present moment, desire is a tool we can use to fuel our actions to reach a goal.

Yet living in imagination, fantasy, or expectations coming from our brains is making us blind. It stops us from living and accepting the present moment as it is.  With all the things it has to teach us.

Realness is not built on expectations. Realness kills expectations. It slaughters our deepest dreams, our ideologies, our understanding of the world.  It's a painful thing, it's chaos for the mind.

At the same time, realness challenges us like nothing else. It forces us to face our true selves and the real world.  It forces us to deconstruct ourselves, to build a more accurate version of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

It makes us braver, stronger, bolder beings.