Meaning is within

There are more bacteria in 1cm of your colon that there has been people in the world. So we might as well be bacteria in somebody's cosmic colon.

What if we are indeed ameba leaving in somebody’s cosmic butt?

The absurdity of ego, compared to the insignificance of existing.  What's the purpose then of our life and our identity? would there be a purpose? or is it all an endless thread of coincidences and reactions?

I'd say the meaning is within, it was never meant to be found externally.

There's no point to the world, the world just is, and it will continue to be with or without us. Therefore the main important thing for us to give some sort of meaning to our existence is to look within ourselves. It has to be.

Seek truths, everybody was born, and everybody has individual perception, experiences, existence. With this comes a healthy duty of understanding who one is, this is the only path to give meaning to life. The path outside of social perceptions, social pressure, and expectations.

Be who you are. Reflect on what you are and your position in the world. Don't let your ego blind your actions. You will be gone, and so your words, thoughts, and all the memories that you will leave in other people's brains, because they and their children, will also be gone.

Don't take yourself so seriously and enjoy the search, the process.

We might be bacteria in somebody's cosmic colon.