Love is God

Religion says God is love

But which God? My God or your God?

See, they make Love the object, the noun

God isn't love

Love is God

We've been trying ages to agree on one God

1000 wars been fought on God's name

Yet not a single one

On Love's name

"I'm fighting a war on Love's name"

See how ridiculously stupid that sounds?

It is because Love has no name

And we all know this

It is as you

as It is me

And within you

As within me

You can deny God

but you can't deny Love

and you can't deny it

simply because your very being, your very mind and your very soul

emerged from it

God didn't create you

Love did

The love of your parents

The love of your siblings

The love of your friends

The love of your lovers

The love of nature

The love of your being

and Love keeps creating you

and Love keeps you moving

Fills your heart

Calms your mind

Love is the real spiritual experience

Not going to church...

Not praying...


Love is the most conceivable spiritual experience

We have, had and we will ever have

The realest spiritual experience

If not, the only one

Why would we ask for more?