In a life with no end

We are fortunate

to be alive

the same much

as we are fortunate

to know

we eventually won't be anymore

We are free

because freedom


when there is a choice

to be made

a lesson

to be learned

limited choice.

Would freedom exist

in a time

and a life

with no end?

In a life

where there are infinite mistakes

there are therefore

infinite lessons to be learned


will eventually make the exact



and learn

the exact



In a life with no end

everyone will eventually do

the same action

in the same context.

We'll make love

to then part

then you'll make love with

all my exes

and I with all of yours

you'll have the same music taste

that I had twice

to then go hate music

and forget to dance

In a life with

no end

I will become you

then you will become her

her will become me

and we will be all

forever changing

our identity

without never

really feeling


Without never

really feeling


about something

in a life with no end

there are no constrains

no boundaries

In a life with no end

there are no mistakes

and so

end the freedom

of making them