I stopped watching the news

The things that you pay attention to, are the things that will define your inner mental, and emotional state.

Attention is an investment, we use our limited time on this earth to give our awareness to something or someone.

One example of unaware attention is the habit of watching the news.

The news posses naturally a negative, energy-draining aura: "something bad happened at place x to person y". A loop that repeats itself until the end of time.  The worse thing about that, it's that there's , in most cases, absolutely nothing we can do about it, besides feeling bad about the fact that it happened.

Negative events will always make it to the news because they are easy emotional triggers for people. It's easier to talk about negative things since they fire our human sympathy. Yet, the emotional burden that they bring to people's life is harmful.

People don't need to be distracted by the evil that exist in the world.

What humans really need, is to be reminded of the beauty and uniqueness of their existence.

For every horrible thing happening, there are 1000's of splendid, beautiful things happening too, events that would never make it to the news:

Millions of new humans being born.

People facing their fears and succeding.

New science breakthroughs.

New knowledge being created.

People finding themselves.

Music creating human connections and dance. 

The sun moving in its orbit in the galaxy.

The technology in the device you're using to read this.

Like Facundo Cabral used to say:

"A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for every bomb that destroys, there are millions of caress creating life"

So the bomb? or the millions of caress creating life?

You decide where you put your attention to.