Fear is grounded in the future. It's one form of denial of the present moment. Fear flows when our desire to control the outcomes, the next moment, a feeling, a thought, manifests in our being.

Fear is the insecurities of the past, formed as an abstraction of our identity, telling us that we should do something to regain security over the future state of things.

Fear takes many shapes and forms. It hides behind anxiety, planning, control, pleasure, validation, stability. It is hard to detect, but we act very often as a reaction to fear, fear of not being loved, fear of not being accepted, fear of losing control, fear of losing security, fear of repeating the pain from the past, fear of losing the pleasures of today.

Can you look at fear without trying to resolve it?

Can you look at fear without asking yourself to be brave?

Can you look at fear without the image or history you've created around it?

Can you look at fear, without trying to control it?

It is only when we look at it, as it is, that we are able to be at peace with it. When we look at fear not as a separate part of us that needs resolution, but when we observe that WE ARE fear. That is when fear, as the thought that lives in our heads, comes to an end.