Emotions need to be recognised, not denied or repressed

Feeling is not the same as being

All emotions evolve into something

Emotions have three states, a beginning, a peak and an end.

All emotions eventually fade.

Love is not an emotion.

Love is an action.

Emotions lead to learning about one self

Emotions are raw

Emotions are a natural reaction of your body

Emotions are healthy

Emotions need to be appreciated

Emotions are like a kid

Emotions are a tool

We are not what we feel

Emotions are a not a representation of who we really are

It's not useful to rationalise emotions

Emotions are there, regardless of you

Emotions shouldn’t  be resisted, but observed

Emotions spice up our human experience

Emotions bright up our humanity

Emotions are, but won't be

Emotions can become dangerous loops

An emotion is amplified when it isn't observed

An emotion can become a maze

Feeling isn't being

Thinking isn't being

being is awareness