Curiosity is a skill you build

Curiosity triggers learning

Curiosity is creative

Curiosity grounds you to the present moment

Curiosity is constructive

Curiosity brings flow

Curiosity is a skill you build

I love the process of learning. Trying something the first time, sucking at doing the thing, then trying it again, sucking at it again, and so on until eventually, you suck .5% less. Then repeat until that .5% becomes  1% and so on.

I don't believe in this romantic idea that if you're meant to do something, you have to be good at it naturally. This is complete bullshit. Nobody is good at something out of pure biology.  It's all a combination of different skill sets, trained through time.

Curiosity is a skill you learn.

How do you learn to be more curious about stuff?

Less judgement

When you judge something or someone, you separate yourself from what you are judging. You eliminate all chances of remaining open to what something or someone has to offer to your life experience. You close your receptors and strengthen your identity.

Detaching yourself from your identity

Our identity is the illusion we create about ourselves. We tend to think about ourselves like fixed beings.  "This is who I'm" and "I've always been this way" ", the problem with this is that we are putting ourselves in self-created cages that are made of the stories we tell ourselves over and over.  These stories are a curiosity killer.

Enjoy the process not the outcome

We are here for the ride, and the ride means the process. Learning to enjoy the time we spend trying to be better at something is the whole point of life. Focusing on the outcome is a mindset that's built on pure desire, and we should be careful about the things we desire. Desire charges its fee in " unhappy present moments".

We only have one life. This means we only have a very limited amount of time in the universe's vast time scale. How do we make our time here count? Not for the universe, not for others, but for us.

To me, is by adopting a curious mind, and feeding it constantly. Enjoying the road, not the destination.