We are here to connect, with ourselves, with people, with nature, with things around us. The feeling of connection is a spiritual experience. It brings peace and meaning to our time on this earth.

Judgment is a tool. It is useful to navigate reality and to let us have the feeling of control. It helps us to make decisions. Nonetheless, when adopted as life's motto, judgment breaks little by little, our ability to connect to the world. It separates us from things, humans, and concepts in it.

Connection means let go ourselves and our stories.

Connection means believing in something greater than ourselves.

Connection means loving something or someone more than we love ourselves.

Connection is about offering our existence to the collective realm.

This is our journey,

But a journey that emerged from the collective landscape

We are a consequence of connection

We are a byproduct of collaboration

Let's offer ourselves back to the collective being.

Let's add our own stories, our ideas, our creations.

Creating is connecting.