There’s a particularity of ourselves, and the human mind, to navigate the world through an ongoing glass of judgement.

We have, like a pair of glasses that we can’t take off, the tendency to classify and organise whatever information that comes to our senses.

We read something, we feel something, we see something.

then we put a label to it.

A mind label.

We can’t separate ourselves from our nature to understand things, to predict things.

We need that label, we need that control.

Yet, those boxes created by the mind, those imaginary boundaries are itself a form of box to ourselves. A confined prison that limits our movement and expression.

We ignore that by labeling things we become then objects and slaves of the things we label.

We become a label ourselves. A simplistic label. A personality.

The problem with labels is that they only communicate one meaning, they are overly simplistic, overly naive.  They ignore the immense natural complexity and shades of experience that are part of things.

There’s one big trap with labels, and it is the false notion of knowledge that comes after we use them. After using a label, we are done with our experience with something, we feel we understand it, therefore there’s no experiential use in looking deeper.

and by doing so we lose our innocence, our sense of wonder.

We become  knowledge chasers, a big pile of minds that think they know, but at the same time, aren’t really free from knowing,

aren’t really free to be.