When was the last time you sat alone quietly without any distractions?

Just you, your mind and your body.

Nothing else.

We give away so much time for all sorts of things but the moment we stop and realise we aren't doing anything to entertain our minds or bodies, then we feel anxious, bored.

Boredom is a term we use to refer to our inability to be completely at peace with ourselves and our mind. We seek for constant input, the constant dopamine kick. We look at our phones when we are queuing, we tap our feet constantly to the floor when the queue isn't flowing as fast as we want to.

All of these are just signs of resistance to be with ourselves and thoughts.

It is sad that, nowadays, we are spending so much time trying to connect superficially with so many people through social media, but we resist spending time working on the most meaningful connection we have, the relationship with our mind and body.

Boredom is an opportunity to observe. Boredom is an invitation to be present.