Blind to our blindness

The tricky part about the learning process is not the time we invest to get better at something, the true breakthrough, that needs to happen first, is the realization of our own ignorance, of our own blindness.

How can we get better at something we don't know we are bad at, in the first place?

Exactly, we are blind to our blindness. Meaning, we don't know that we don't know.

The learning experience emerges from reflected ignorance, from the confrontation with ourselves. It's full of tension and very uncomfortable. The awareness that we are not as special as we thought we were, and that we don't understand certain things as good as we thought we did.

It's a kick in the nuts for the ego.

Developing this detachment from ourselves and our ego allows us to become naturally more curious. Being humble and accepting our blindness is the first part of the learning process. Therefore, knowledge should be defined first, as an act of humility. Since it is in the acceptance of our own ignorance when we first realize there is something to be known.