The things that you pay attention to, are the things that will define your inner state.

As human beings, attention is one of the most important things we have. Attention is a gift, we use our limited time on this earth to give our awareness to something or someone.

The things that we pay attention to are also the things that will influence our actions and understanding of the world.

Attention is ever-present. Our brains are always paying attention to something happening in the world or in our minds. Regardless of us knowing about it.

There are two different kinds of attention:

Unconscious attention and awareness

A state of unconsciousness is the state of paying attention to something without really noticing that we are paying attention to it. It's a state where we let the world and/or our brains drive our mental state and our existence. Lots of common modern problems come from this state of unawareness: overthinking, anxiety, obsession. It's like driving in automatic pilot, like surfing Instagram endlessly without really noticing or being intentional about what's the thing we'd like to find.

Awareness is the opposite pole. Awareness is the positive state of reflective and intentional attention. By practicing awareness we bring another being into the equation, our reflective being, the observer,  the spiritual being, our true selves.

Awareness is a state when we detach ourselves from the things that we pay attention to, our emotions, our thoughts, the world around us. We become observers of our actions and environments. When we become observers, we are no longer objects to the things that happen to us, but we become subjects. We take control. We add the verb to the sentence, the meaning to the event.

A state of awareness is a state of full presence, of living the now as it manifests, without judging but observing, observing how it manifest and the reactions of our body and mind as it manifest.

Give your full awareness to everything you do