Action is the paint

Patience is the frame, action is the paint.

Stop waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting for things to get better.

Things or situations aren't subjects, they don't "do" stuff for you. Things, whatever that means to you,  are objects. Things don't get better just because we want them to, we MAKE them better. With action, with courage, with reflection, with awareness.

Our actions are the only paint we have to give color and meaning to our life. When we decide not to use it, we leave the frame unchanged. We leave our composition, our life's painting, unclear, unfinished, sometimes even blank.

It is foolish to expect that the canvas will paint itself. It's stupid to give the paint to someone else and let them paint our canvas for us, and then expect to be happy with the result. It doesn't work that way.

There's no universe telling us what to do. There's no destiny putting the pieces together for us. I hate to break this romantic dream, but it's nonsense and dangerous to think that things will work for us just because we are, you know... us.

We have a wonderful life's canvas, we have been painting it with our life's actions, decisions, and courage.

If you feel your canvas, your painting, it's not what you'd like it to be. Take some blue, some green, magenta, Mexican pink, some disruptive red, and paint something better.