About Teaching

The job of a teacher is not to educate.

The job of a teacher is to aspire to inspire.

There are many paths to learning. Every student is a unique human being, with his own journey, own experiences, and own approach to learning. Nobody likes to be told what to do, nobody likes imposed "aha" moments.

"Aha" moments. That event where it seems like there's a revelation about a concept, that shines in front of us. The moment where we connect the dots, where knowledge is built. Aha, moments are unique individual experiences. They are highly personal and they arise differently for every human being because they depend highly on the student's previous context, knowledge, and own senses. Curiosity plays a huge role in the creation of "aha" moments.

Therefore, the teacher's role is not to impose his own subjective worldview and frameworks on the students he teaches but to inspire them, to aspire to inspire. Their job is to feed their curiosity so that they could find their own path to learning.

We all had that one teacher that made a difference in our lives and really made us love and naturally enjoy the process of learning and discovery.

Be that teacher.

Aspire to inspire.