About Negativity

Judging separates your being from the object of the judgement

Judging draws a line

Judging breaks genuine connection with other human beings

Is easier to express something negative than to see the bright side of things

Judgement triggers detachment

Detachment triggers solitude

Solitude triggers the feeling of disconnection from the world

Disconnection from the world in the long term triggers unhappiness

Unhappiness triggers more judgement

A negative being, isn't a smarter being, he is a distracted being

A negative being, emerges from ego.

A negative being, takes himself too seriously

A negative being, isn't really aware he's only got one life

A negative being, lives in the past

A negative being, lives in the future

A negative being, doesn't realise that nothing really matters too much

A negative being, in his distraction , takes things for granted:








The sound of birds

The uniqueness of a tree

His breath




30 trillion cells running in his body

Technology running in his phone


The orbit of the moon

A black hole

A negative being is an over-thinker

A negative being needs peace FROM mind, not peace of mind.

A negative being, is just distracted.

A negative being is just distracted.

Happiness is not joy or bliss, it is peace.

All experiences are learning opportunities