About Insecurity

Insecurity is the feeling of not being whole.

Insecurity is the feeling of not being complete.

Insecurity is rejecting the present moment as it is.

Insecurity is living in the future.

Insecurity is looking for comfort in the outside world.

Insecurity is looking for validation.

Validation comes from within not from without.

Insecurity is never enough.

Insecurity is holding on to a feeling of perfection.

Insecurity is expecting a perfect state out of a natural state.

Insecurity strives for perfection.

Perfection doesn't exist.

Perfection lives only in a future imaginative state.

The present moment is as it is, not as it ought to be.

For the human condition, the present moment will always be naturally imperfect.

Insecure people expect things to be different, but take no action.

Insecure people reject responsibility.

Insecure people cast their needs into others.

Insecure people demand.

Insecure people feel entitled to be loved.

Insecurity can't love, truly love.

Insecurity finds no meaning in giving love.

Insecure people's love is built on attachment and validation.

Insecure people are not fully aware.

Insecure people live in outer realities.

Insecure people live in the past.

Insecure people live in the future.

Insecurity is built by desire.

Insecurity feeds from desire.

Desire is living in the future, not in the present.

Desire is a distraction from the present.

Insecurity is needing.

Needing is being distracted from what currently is